Moniteur de ski avec une clientèle internationale

sur piste et hors piste…


I have skied with Jean Marie SCARAFFIOTTI, for over twenty years now in Val D’Isère.

He is without doubt the best ski instructor at the ski school. He has taught all my six children to ski and is now starting on the Grand Children.

I can highly recommend him. He also has the advantage of being a local Val D’iserian … and knows all the right spots to visit for very good food and entertainment.

Book him and have some fun!

P.S. His English is perfect so be careful with the jokes, he will understand them.

Johnny PLUMBE – London

Jean-Marie SCARAFFIOTTI is a fabulous skier and an equally fabulous teacher of skiing.
He can deal with all levels, from beginners to very advanced.
He’s the reason that we’ve become quite competent skiers who genuinely enjoy the sport.

And so, for nearly twenty years now, we’ve been following his advice and following him – across vast numbers of kilometers in the Espace killy, safely, pleasurably, and competently. He knows all the great restaurants on every mountain top, in every valley! And we do this all in English.

Not least, Jean-Marie is a great companion, a true man of the mountains who loves nature, Val d’Isère and the Savoie in equal measure.You come away with a deep appreciation of the area as much as with lasting memories of the whole ski experience.

Sue MIZERA & Jim RISCH – Geneva